🧙‍ Helping People

I have been meaning to continue my technical article series for like, weeks now. Have the content. Did the math. But when I sit to start writing, my mind wonders to other places. FML. Oh well, todays episode is about helping people.



🎮 Raising Kratos

Last night I got home, had some dinner and watched the Raising Kratos documentary on Youtube. What happened next will surprise you.

God Of War


🧐 International Thinking Outside The Box Day

During my daily morning ritual of finding a matching pair of socks, I had a post-shower thought! I am hereby declaring August 12, International Thinking Outside The Socks, I mean, Box Day. Let me explain.

Socks Pile


🎮 Get some Rage 2 Overdrive!

Recently got Rage 2 for the PS4 Pro.

Combat and environment is nuts, hope they sort out the bugs!


Designing an end-to-end encrypted CI/CD pipeline with Keybase.io

I recently relaunched my website with Hugo, Gitlab.com and AWS services. But now, I want encrypted source code all the way from my laptop to deployment. No trust required on Cloud services for privacy! Is it possible ? Let us over-engineer some shit!


game development communities in the Netherlands 🎮🇳🇱

Earlier this year i was looking for game developer communities here in Amsterdam. So i put my Pikachu detective hat on and this is what i found out.

Dutch Game Garden


commit -am 'first second post'

I'm from the region of Porto, Portugal. The beautiful city of Vila Nova de Gaia. This is the second reboot of my website :-)

I started my career as a full-time programmer in early 2000s. At that time, I joined the IT lab of a factory. In the following 4 years, i learned SAP ABAP, Java/PHP web programming, MySQL, Postgresql. Started utilizing Linux for personal and professional reasons. Life was good! I have much to thank the IT director (and mentor) from which i learned a lot!


Deploying Frontend web applications with Containers

The runtime of client-side web applications is the client-side web browser. Configuration is hard-coded in the Javascript source code. So, deploying containerized client-side web applications requires a different configuration strategy. At the Docker Randstad meetup i talked about containerisation and deployment best practices. ......

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