Cultural differences

I'm on my way back from a small trip to Lisbon, where i attended part of a Portuguese Google Technology Users Group, hosted by Google/Paul Kinlan, presenting Google Chrome Webstore features. The whole event looked yummi.

Since i'm from Porto, which is 320km/3h (slow/cheaper) train away from Lisbon and $things have been rough, i wasn't intending on showing up, but since i got an e-mail from the organization (or someone close) to drop by and present something on the developers panel (which i'm thankful for), i decided to code something up related to the event, minimally interesting,while in a way representing our Northern developer community.

So, i started coding a Google Chrome, extension to chart browser process resources in realtime, since last wednesday, using Dojo 1.6 features and Chrome's experimental API's, which ended up being not that bad.

The event was supposed to start around 7pm, so i took a train and arrived at about 6.30pm. The last train back home was at 9.30pm and since i couldn't afford to stay over, i've had asked before and live at the event today, to bunk at someone's couch, with no replies, so i had to take the train back.

Most people started showing up at 7.15/7.30pm and Paul Kinlan's talk at about 8pm, when most of the people were at the venue, so i was only able to attend about 40m of Paul's talk, which was great.

So, basically, i spent most of my last savings and 6h on traveling, about 6/8h working on the tech demo, because people weren't kind enough to let me drop on their couch for one night.

I'm not saying that people are forced to do anything. Probably there wasn't even that possibility. And it wasn't a total loss, i learned a few stuff on the way, i always do, tech and socially/community wise.

Now let me tell you another story. Last year i competed at NodeKO, for which i used Dojo as a UI toolkit and was invited by a Sitepen's management team, Dylan, to attend a miniconf in London, talk about the project and Dojo's use in it. Cash wasn't also abundant at the time, but i really wanted to be there, get to know London, the developer community, have a nice time and learn new stuff.

Since Dylan invited me to bunk at his bunker, you know, because i was low on resources and spent a lot of meaningful cash on the trip, i bought the plane tickets, took off and had a great time.

Other than that, i've even had invitations to bunk at Internet/freenode people's bunker a few month's to code on projects, in the Silicon forking Valley.

I've had guests from New York at my (old) place, which where acquaintaces of acquaintaces of freelance partners of mine over the net,  that i hardly knew but trusted the referrals, which i took in my own home and toured them around the region a couple of full days.

It pisses me off, not feeling any kind of support in my own forking country.

At a tech level, most of the hacker communities, at least around coding languages (Java, Python, etc) are dead. Most people don't give a damn.

Maybe i'm overreacting, or just acting like a kid or a wave short of a ship wreck but all i feel like saying to people around here is "take your nose off your own butt and get real".

Rant over.