Auto-posting static site updates from GitHub to Twitter with Zapier

Quickly created a new zap for auto-posting to Twitter when i commit website updates to GitHub

select services


Selected this website's repo and branch (

twitter zap screenshot 001

and chose a simple and short tweet message. Too bad Twitter is url shortening my site's URL, it's already short!

twitter zap screenshot 002

Loaded some sample data and tested it out

twitter zap screenshot 003

and it's alive and kicking !

And this is it, basically

Yo! Just updated my site

"update general anchor CSS"

(via @zapier)

For it to be perfect, just have to improve the commit messages, since release 0.5.14 is not that meaningful on Twitter :-)

The generated content is actually being served from the gh-pages branch, as i'm using the ghp-import tool which allows a commit message to be specific.

Currently just using the defaults, so an improvement point is to specify that commit message manually, for example:

$ ghp-import -m "New blog post about chunky bacon!" ./_output/

and use the 'gh-pages' branch as source.

That is all.